Execute Shell Scripts From any Directory

I previously mentioned that I use shell scripts to make my work more efficient. I used to keep scripts scattered around my home directory, but now keep them organized in a single directory. Feel free to skip the initial step below if you’re the disorganized type. Step Zero Put all scripts into the same directory.Continue reading “Execute Shell Scripts From any Directory”

Update Homebrew on macOS With One Script

I use multiple Homebrew packages and I appreciate Homebrew’s built in package management, so each time I update Homebrew packages on my mac, I get tired of typing multiple commands, especially since I like to be thorough. I use brew update to update the formula and Homebrew itself, brew upgrade to update everything, brew cleanupContinue reading “Update Homebrew on macOS With One Script”

How to Manage Multiple SSH Key Pairs

Most developers will interact with resources that use SSH keys instead of passwords. I recently overheard someone say that he uses the same SSH key for all of his accounts, which is a bad idea from a security perspective. The more places a single key is authorized, the more valuable that key becomes. If thatContinue reading “How to Manage Multiple SSH Key Pairs”